Style of Living

Style of Living
As humans, we pretty much all do some of the same things. From brushing our teeth and showering in the morning to eating dinner and preparing for bed at time, our routines remain the same. After brushing our teeth, we can’t skip breakfast (the most important meal of the day) while enjoying a nice hot cup of tea or coffee. Many times we choose our favorite mug for this task. This meal is sometimes enjoyed while watching the sun come up and during quiet while the rest of the house is asleep.

Somewhere in between, we pick out something to wear. Our style of clothes for the day depends on how we feel. Do we want to be dressed up or dressed down? Will it be a casual function we’re attending or a formal one? Either way, we have to choose something to wear.

Uh-oh! What time is it? Now it’s time to leave the house! Many women will choose the most practical bag to carry for the day. There are so many things we may need throughout the day. One of those being our makeup. So, we make sure our makeup bag fits inside of our tote bag and we walk out the door. But before we go, we can’t forget our shoes. The most comfortable ones are the ones we’ll choose. No one likes their feet hurting, So, make sure they don’t!

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